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Empirical Support for the Concept of the Spiritual Safe Haven Network

The Results of the International Cultic Studies Association’s 2008 Questionnaire for Former Cult Members (Reverend Richard L. Dowhower, DD)


Identifying and Understanding Abusive Groups

 Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups – Revised (Michael D. Langone, PhD)

Dysfunctional Churches (Ronald Enroth, PhD)

Religion Versus Cult (Rev. Richard L. Dowhower, DD)

When You're Asked About Cults (From Easily Fooled, copyright © 2000 by Robert Fellows -  Identifying a destructive group.  Cult counseling.


Advice for Pastors, Youth Educators, and Spiritual “Consumers”

An Open Letter to Clergy Regarding Helping Former Members of Abusive Churches or Cults (Carol Giambalvo)

Cults:  What Clergy Should Know (Rev. Richard L. Dowhower, DD)

Points for Pastors:  How to Best Help the Former Cult Member (Diana Pletts)

Ten Steps to Critical Thinking (From Easily Fooled, copyright © 2000 by Robert Fellows –

Choosing a Church (Larry Pile)

 Psychological Perspectives on Abusive Groups and Cults

Mind Control: Psychological Reality Or Mindless Rhetoric? (Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD)

Cult Formation (Robert J. Lifton, MD)

Clinical Update on Cults (Michael D. Langone, PhD)

Psychological Abuse (Michael D. Langone, PhD)


Vulnerable Characteristics (From Easily Fooled, copyright © 2000 by Robert Fellows -

Why Evangelicals are Vulnerable to Cults (Rev. Dr. Harold Bussell)


 Harm, New Religious Movements, and ICSA (Michael D. Langone, PhD)

ICSA Goals and Recent Initiatives – Power Point Presentation (Michael D. Langone, PhD)

Cult Crimes – Power Point Presentation (Michael D. Langone, PhD)

Questionnaire Study Preliminary Report (Michael D. Langone, PhD)

Spiritual Harm in New Religions (Philip Lucas)

Safe Spirituality - Power Point Presentation (Gillie Jenkinson, MA)